Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just about everyone who reads my blog knows that I'm really busy with school, research, and all the other stuff going on in my life. I hardly have time to knit lately, so everything is just creeping along. This morning I'm being a bit domestic. I'm making bread because we're almost out and I've done some straightening up in the dining room. I vaccumed, but I'm not really up for anything hardcore like laundry or filing. Anyhow, I have my 1970's ugly flower apron on and thought I'd post while the bread is rising.
I've been walking to work most days and took some pictures on my way in one day last week. It's a very pleasant walk and I enjoy having the chance to interact with the world around me more than I would be were I driving in my car. I met my dear friend David's parents after knowing him for rather a long time and I saw one of my former students and his dog. I smile at strangers who usually smile back and I get to listen to podcasts. I'm thinking seriously about purchasing and downloading books to "read" while walk. I don't get much as much time to sit and read text as I'd like and when I do, it's usually work-related. I also took some pictures of some bug butt drawings that I've made. I'm working on getting some digital photos of the actual butts now that I've learned how to use the program, but there's something nice about the hand drawn ones. They're...special to me in a weird kind of way. I think it is because I prefer what hands can do to what machines can do. I do get to play with photoshop and that will be nice, but I've not got the hang of using the mouse with it.
So, I have been knitting some. I finished the collar on my man-sweater, but I haven't got a picture of it yet. Now I just need a zipper and crocheted edging and I'm done. The snakes! sweater is not even inching along. If it were inching along, I'd be done by now. I haven't picked up the bluejaywalker socks since I ripped back from a mistake and just so I can end on a high note, I'm nearly finished with square 3 of my weaving project and the 2x2 ribbed scarf is almost done. I'll post some pictures of knitting and such later. So the blog isn't without visual interest, here's some work-related pictures. The first one is a hawthorn in bloom, the second one a picture of Haynes House on Main St. where I work, the third is a series of drawings I did of some bug butts, and the last is a technical work by a local artist of the life cycle of the butterfly that I posted in my lab for reference.