Friday, September 15, 2006

Dear Becky,
I've switched to Blogger Beta like a big dork. I can't go back. *headdesk* I figured, "hey, merge with my Google account, okay!" *headdesk* Now I find that I can't yet post on non-beta blogs and that's prolly why you're having difficulty posting on mine.

stoopid beta.

Anyhow, this is what I was going to comment:

My mamaw said "warshraig." I love dialect.
Go pengies, go! I love how you've just up and renamed it "Ragnarok." I'll be sure to light Nell after Fenris swallers the sun. Can't be knitting lace in the dark now can we?

That, and that your dad was really awesome. I really don't know what to say other than that. I'm glad to see you back on the blog - pirate sweater's coming along nicely.

I've finished one S.S.S. sock and I've got the picot done on #2. I must needs pick up the sock and rip back the Husband!sock #2 - and order more yarn. Big feet=

big socks (what were *you* thinking? yeesh!)
After I finish these pairs of socks, it will be time for a sweater or afghan or something - it's getting cold! Of course, I must keep at least one pair of socks going at a time. One never knows when one must have a small and portable project.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I had forgotten that I already took pictures of Iree's little socks. So, here they are, again. I finished them back in April and if you want to see the entry again, that's where it is in the archives.
Aren't they cute?!

And here is Iree in her Sunshines and Rainbows nightgown. Her hair didn't quite curl right this morning, but she looks awfully cute in the picture, no?
I altered the pattern from when I made one from iris fabric. Instead of 5/8 seams, I used 3/8 because I'm at the largest size in the pattern and needed to make it bigger. I can see that I'm going to have to buy some larger Iris-sized patterns for the larger sized Iris. I think she grew last night.

And here is a picture of the ol' ball and skein. :D
The ball is the first yarn I spun, so it's kinda thick and inconsistent. The skein is way more consistent, though I'm still working on it. It kind of varies between laceweight and sport with the occasional foray into worsted, though it mostly stays around fingering weight. I have no clue what I'm going to do with it yet. Perhaps I'll finish spinning up the roving I have and see how much there is before I decide on a project.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just two pictures of one thing today. Yes, I know I promised pictures of finished birthday-related stuff. It's like this. Kidling has her birthday. Birthday stuff must be worn *immediately* following birthday - the next day or so. Mommy of kidling was too slow with the camera. These picture are from today and is of the "Not a real green dress, that's cruel." She is also showing off her ponies that she got for her birthday. She says it's her princess dress 'cause it goes to her feet and twirls. See the shoes? Princess shoes.
Today she took goodie bags to all her friends in school and they were pretty thrilled. Some of them were even wearing the party hats when I went to pick her up. I managed to get rid of some of the leftover party stuff I had from last year, but I still have a fair bit of Scooby Doo party stuff and still a fair bit of Little Mermaid party stuff. Dang, if I'm not a sucker for this kid.