Thursday, January 26, 2017


After Orlando, I was what you might call "shaken." Even though I'm in a suburban mom place right now, it wasn't all that long ago that it could have been me. There are a number of young people I love and care about whom it also could have been either now or in a few years. I quit blogging for a bit because I couldn't even. This kind of thing makes me want to hug my children and turn my fear and anger into acts of kindness.

And then the rest of 2016 happened

It wasn't all bad. The Cubs' World Series win was a bright and shining light in an otherwise very hard year and those of you who know me have heard me wax poetic about it with misty eyes and a big grin. I may do so again when spring training starts up again. 

I want to get back on the blog train again (toot! toot!) and I might not be able to do so every week like I had been, but I have a lot to make and a lot to say and... a lot to say about making. For a goodly portion of it, I'm going to crib steal collaborate with my best bestie, Bekah. There's a reason we get along, you see, and we're on the same page regarding a great many things. 

So, this is me clearing my throat and letting you know I'm here. 

Alright, 2017, let's do this.