Sunday, February 20, 2011

A full day

I spent much of my day at my drum carder and spinning wheel, watching TV. In fact, I distracted myself so thoroughly that when I very cleverly set up the crockpot with this week's spaghetti sauce (what with it being Spaghetti Sunday and all), I also very cleverly forgot to turn it on. The part of Spaghetti Sunday will now be played by Wednesday.

Yesterday, I bought some very nice chocolate brown alpaca from Legacy Acres Alpacas. They're up in Manchester and I love being able to see the faces of the people who shear the beasts. Bubby helped me pick it out. I was torn between the black and the chocolate and she said chocolate, so chocolate it was. I considered spinning straight from the fleece. Alpacas don't produce lanolin like sheep, so the fiber is just about ready to go right off the beast. I carded it anyway so that the yarn will be nice and even and it's going to be lovely when I'm finished. Alpaca is a joy to spin, warm to wear, and as soft as a very soft thing. There should be more things made from alpaca and having a local source makes me happy beyond belief.

I also carded the vegetable curry wool that I dyed last week and I think it might be a little yellower than you can see in this picture. Anyway, I'm pleased with the color and the fact that the dishtowels retained the yellow color through the washing machine tells me that the wool has a chance of being pretty colorfast as well.


That's not the best light because, like a distracted dorkfish, I forgot to take a picture while the sun was still up. No, no, I was far too busy re-watching Farscape. I think the color is about accurate, though.

In other news, today is open your swap box day and, if you can't tell, I'm pretty pleased. The theme for this swap was "favorite colors" and I'll give you three guesses what mine is.


Bubby took the pictures and most of them were pretty good. There were several out of focus, but other than that, were not bad pictures. Anyway, I'm very happy with what I got, not because there was a lot of stuff inside (there was), but because each thing was carefully picked out and packed with care out of love. Thanks, K.

So, just when I think that today's been a total waste, I realize that it hasn't. I spun and carded yarn, did dishes, and gave and received some love. That's a full day and I'm glad to have had it.
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