Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Forward

This last week has been full of dance things. Miss Fluffalo's dance school did a performance of Sleeping Beauty and, because I generally try to be supportive of her artistic pursuits, I made sure she got to all the practices and to the performance on time and with all necessary accoutrements. She did very well and I can tell that she's grown a lot as a dancer. I am told that she'll be on pointe by next year.

She has other dance practices this week and, because I am a supportive mom, I will make sure she gets to those as well. There are times when we both wish she could drive, but neither of us are truly ready for that quite yet. I feel unprepared to have a kid who is almost in high school and I really wish we could send her to private school instead of our questionable public school. I have concerns and freshman orientation did not fill me with confidence.

She will do well whatever the circumstances, but I worry. I'm her mom. It's in my job description.

One thing that dance practice has been good for is focusing on the Fork in the Garbage Disposal socks. I haven't done any spinning or embroidery this week, but dang if I didn't get some sock knitted. That's about all I've done. Since this picture was taken, I've knit a good seven inches on the second sock since this picture was taken and that while stopping to graft many several places where the dermestids had got into my yarn. This is old damage and I've since managed the problem, but it's still frustrating. Dermestids are the bane of my existence both professionally and privately. Now all the yarn is in plastic. Even some of the stuff that's in plastic is in plastic.
Ugh! We hates them, precious. We hates them and their yarn-eating habits, we do. Nassssty little carpet beetles.
They don't taste very good, do they?

Actually, I don't know how they taste, but they're not on the list of bugs I'd eat.

The March cast-on-a-thon, which is way more fun than startitis/startosis because it sounds more "make a pledge to cast on some things!" than pathogenic, continues with the casting on of a pair of legwarmers for me. My legs and knees get terribly cold in the winter and I'm hoping these will help with that. I'm considering a pair for the eldest child for dance, but the jury is still out.

These are the Easy Ribbed Legwarmers by Carol Wells and they are indeed both easy and ribbed. I'll let you know how the legwarmers part works out. They're an easy knit, but are taking a nap in the WIP basket until I finish my socks.

Meanwhile, it is raining. Rain is not an entirely bad thing, but this solar-powered lady needs some fresh air, sunshine, and flowers.

So. Close.

I hear the spring peepers, it's nearly the middle of March, and I am ready for flowers.

Pin curls!
This week's technique doesn't have anything to do with wool and does have quite a bit to do with watching several episodes of Agent Carter in a row. I taught myself how to put the longer parts of my hair in pin curls and, remarkably, it's really cute. The back is super short, but I like how it looks and it stays all day without anything in it. I just wet it and put it up again at night and I'm fabulous again in the morning.

This tutorial really helped. For my hair, I wet it, curl it by hand, pin it, sleep in it with a wide elastic headband over it, unpin in the morning, and brush, following up with a light finger-combing. The more I do it, the faster it goes and I think I can get the whole shebang down to about fifteen minutes, total.
My haircut is supposed to be more like the picture to the right, but then there were pin curls.
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