Thursday, December 03, 2015


Thanksgiving was nice. I rather enjoy "cooking" with my sister (by which I mean preparing most everything the few days before and making sure it's all warm by dinnertime) and we had plenty of chance to laugh together and hang out. It was pleasant. And then we had friendsgiving, which was just about perfect. We still have pie. 

I finished a tea cosy. Since I only finished it a few hours ago, I haven't yet updated the Ravelry page or anything like that, but there it is, keeping my teapot nice and warm. Bu has requested hot chocolate cosies, too, which I think is completely fair. We can't let the tea have all the fun, right?

 The bedscarf continues, poco a poco. Since it's in blocks, I'm not terribly worried about when it's finished. I just want to do a block when I feel like it and I'll eventually end up with a thing.

I don't really have that much other knitting or crochet going on. I've been a little scattered as far as crafting goes.
Rufus is settling in pretty well and there's no doubt that he's well-loved here. I'm getting used to being a dog owner and finding out that it's not so bad.

There aren't that many posts remaining until the end of the year and I've been rock-tumbling about what I want to do with Project Make (All the Things). I feel like I petered out in the middle of the year, but there's still something I can do with the idea. It seemed like most people were confused about what, exactly, I was trying to do and I think that I didn't do a very good job of defining it and/or that the scope was too broad.

Next year, I'm thinking of having a year long along of alongs, many of which will probably overlap with other alongs. If, say, I'm doing spinning in July (Tour de Fleece!), that's easier to along than "Umm... make some stuff." I might also steal from Bekah and start doing separate FO posts. This year, however, I've posted much more regularly than in previous years and that's a win. I've only missed a couple weeks and I'm darn proud of that. 

The year's not over yet, though. There's still a fair bit of making to be done in the next few weeks and hopefully plenty of finishing, too. 

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