Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm making progress, but I'm entirely too distracted by too many things. I worked on Na'ama's skirt today and I got the front panel sewn on and patches sewn down. All I have left is one patch and the back panel, but I'm also going to put rear pockets on, so I've got to cut those and sew them on. That shouldn't take too terribly much effort. It looks mostly done and I'm moving forward, so that's good.
The MladyM socks are progressing nicely as well. I had totally frelled up the gusset and had to rip it back, but now I'm at the foot and less than two inches away from the toe decreases. I'm very nervous about this because I've never even clapped eyes on these feet and I hope all to goodness that they fit. My plan thus far is to mail the first sock out to see if it fits, and if it doesn't, have her send it back so I can either rip it out and do it again or make up an entirely new sock.
I've also got some new handkerchiefs going on. Currently, I'm working on one with a sun design and it's going pretty quickly. I've got another one that I've drawn a moon design on to go with the sun one, so maybe I can sell them as a pair. I've got two more butterflies, and one that's a geometric design. I think I've got another one in there, but I forget.
I even worked on the MS#2 a bit. I haven't got far on it, but I did a little. The random doily is sitting inside the book with the pattern. No progress on that.
No pictures today. I'm hoping that I can finish something soonish because my finish list is looking pathetic.
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