Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So, I made a new dress for Iree. She's all about dresses right now, so I checked my stash of fabric and cut out a couple dresses for her. I let her pick the first one and she picked the cherry fabric. I have a horking lot of this fabric even after this dress.

But it's cute and she likes it. The other one is a pale green plaid that doesn't look nearly as bad as it sounds. The pattern was pretty easy, I finished the cherry dress in a day, so I may work on the green dress tomorrow.

I made this dress a couple years ago. I guess Iris is about three in this picture. I think that's her Lolly in her hand.

This little baby girl is going to Kindergarten on Friday.

And these are her yellow mittens. They have a bit of I-cord connecting them to go through the sleeves of her coat. Hopefully, they will be easy to keep up with that way. These are my very first ever mittens, so I'm pretty proud of them. Every time she saw me working on mitten #2, Iris wanted to try on the other one. She'd walk around with one mitten on, wiggling her fingers inside of it.

I actually made #2 a bit shorter than #1, so I ended up ripping it back past the decreases and lengthening it a bit. The pictures above are 100% done, finished, complete, post-ripping back and re-knitting.

Here it is just after I ripped it back. Iree said I was very silly for making her mitten two times.
She's probably right.

Anyhow, there may be a hat to accompany the mittens and possibly a scarf as well. I've got a fair bit of the microspun left in yellow and some green that goes with the fluffy novelty I've got stranded in the mittens. I think that right now I want to make a pair of socks for myself.
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