Monday, December 11, 2006

What I learned in school today

I learned that it is very dangerous to walk down a hall with a spinning wheel and that I can indeed avoid saying curse words in front of fourth graders.
Okay, so this morning, I had intended to go in front of the Kindergarteners and show them how cool it is to make string from sheep fluff and then make that string into clothes. And then, as I was walking down the hall, the art teacher caught me and talked me into showing the fourth graders as well because they're doing a unit on early America and...well, 'cause spinning is cool. Iris's school is what is referred to as an "Arts integrated" school, so they do all kinds of cool stuff like have drama and art and music every week, no matter what grade you're in. Seriously, Iris has drama class every week. So they get very excited about the arts and I think that's extremely cool.
Anyhow, here are some pictures of my nervous self:

And here I am in front of the fourth graders. While I was spinning, a screw came loose and the spindle flew off of the wheel. Much to my surprise, I did NOT let out a stream of curse words in front of the class. You may commence with "screw loose" jokes now.
It seems as though they all enjoyed watching me spin and were absolutely mesmerized by the process. They all just wanted to sit and watch and watch and watch. Not just the little ones, either, the bigger kids thought it was very cool and so did the grownups. Spinning is
I showed them the whole process, from raw wool to string and how string turns into clothes. I showed them the drop spindle and told them how every piece of fabric used to be made from handspun thread - even sails. They were all duly impressed.
Anyhow, at least I wasn't being broadcast on national TV, but I was nervous all the same - kids can be a tough audience. Whew! I'm glad this is over, but it was very cool and I had fun.
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