Monday, November 27, 2006

I forgot my camera. Again. I am an enormous dork.
I even wore my brandly-new fair isle socks yesterday, but didn't take pictures. They fit perfectly (of course) and are mightily comfortable. None can understand the joys of handknit socks until they have a pair. I'm currently working on a pair of green ones from the newly acquired stash and they are coming along rather quickly. I started them on Saturday morning and it is now Monday morning. I'm all the way past the heel gusset and to the foot. It's not a sock a day, but it is pretty darned fast for me. Keep in mind that I was also doing other things. Sunday I helped with our Coven Thanksgiving (mostly by washing dishes) and I have also been spinning.
I got my spinning wheel! I am the happiest girl in the WORLD. My MIL had purchased it, but never seemed to get the hang of it and she knew that I had been wanting one, so she give it me. *SQUEE* She sent some raw wool along and I've already spun about a half a spindle of it. It's just unbelieveably fast and I am hooked. Jess must have more roving. I'm trying not to spin up all the raw wool I've got because I want to do a thing for Iris's Kindergarten class in January. It'll probably be alright. There's quite a bit of it and I have to card it before I can spin it.
The cotton harvest has already passed here and every time I drive by a cotton field, I just want to grab one of my Knaughty Knitter bags and start picking up where they carried away the bales. I totally could, but I'd want someone to go with me. It's just...sitting there, waiting for some fiber-obsessed person to pick it up. Who's with me?
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