Thursday, November 09, 2006

It is the time for holiday knitting, sewing, etc. You will note in the next month or so that until that fateful gift-giving day, some projects will be coded and pictures will not be posted lest the recipient be watching. Hopefully soon, there will be pictures of the lovely Miss Kell and her cloak. It was well recieved and now I can fix my car which is currently in the shop awaiting diagnosis. More about that here. There's a bit about a crosstitch pattern that was giving me fits as well. I was thinking about just giving up on it for various reasons, but have decided that dammit, I can do this. I ended up ripping the whole thing out and as soon as I finish getting the rest of the thread and some more bobbins, I'm going to start back on it. It may take me 97 years to complete, but I am a rather stubborn woman and it will be beautiful.
Bed-sized quilt for Iris? What bed-sized quilt for Iris? I don't know what you're talking about.
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