Thursday, November 23, 2006

No pictures today. I should be getting my camera this weekend and there will be pictures of at least the socks I just finished. Oh - I finished the Fair Isle socks. I'm also most of the way through a hat made from Wool Ease from the Stash - same Wool Ease pictured here. The pattern is Coronet from Knitty and I'm using size 8 dpns. The gauge is off, but it's going to be a hat when I'm done and it's going to fit some-damn-body. Knitting stretches. I'm just sayin'.
Speaking of Stash, there is now more Stash. I'm now the owner of quite a few skeins of Schaffhauser sockenwolle in kind of a dark green color. It's a wool/polyamide blend (this probably means wool/nylon, though wool/kevlar would be wicked cool!). I've also got about that many skeins of a mohair/acrylic. It's Swilan in kind of a navy blue with fuzzies that look like my cat cuddled with it. Additionally, there are a few skeins of a pinky-purple of unknown origin and content.
That's all that's fit to print. Hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving.
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