Thursday, March 08, 2007

Okay, Beck, I'm on it. I'll take pictures this afternoon, but here's the skinny:
  1. Finished project HN today (ran out of yarn). It doesn't fit it's intended wearer, but it's a scarf, so it'll fit someone, non?
  2. Finished one Mock Croc sock (though not until after February was over). The other one is one inch - Reason one why March is for making mates.
  3. Finished the sherbet hat for Iree to match her adorable sherbet mittens. She now wants a scarf and a sweater and and...
  4. What flower basket shawl?
I have also discovered that it takes me about ten hours to make about two and a half oz of two ply sportweight-ish yarn. Six hours of that is carding. I'm making the big eyes at the husband to card wool for me. Hasn't worked yet, but he's gonna fail that will save eventually.
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