Friday, March 09, 2007


I didn't manage to get pictures taken yesterday afternoon because I got distracted and then my camera battery went dead. So, there you are then. I did, however, manage to get pictures today. The gods have blessed us with superb weather and it looks like it's going to continue for a while.
Let's see, where shall I begin?
Ah, yes, project HN.
I finished this yesterday at the house of Dragonfly & Butterfly Awakening. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, it's too small for it's intended 6'3" husbandly-type wearer, so I'm setting it aside until the right person comes along.
Knitted on sz6 straight needles in Phoenix soysilk in green and black. The pattern is a 4 stitch knit, 4 stitch purl vertical zigzag with several mistakes intentionally left uncorrected.
Mock Croc socks. Still plugging along on those, though now I have one finished and one started, it should go fairly quickly. Here they are, pictured next to my primroses, the first in my garden to bloom.
Next, there's the bath scrubby I made for all the little soap slivers we get after the big bar gets used up. It's made from leftover bits of Sugar&Cream cotton and is shown here hanging in the shower. It was knitted on size 4 straights in the Bicolor Tweed stitch from 365 Knitting Stitches. This was started and finished on March 2.
Then, there's Coronet #2 for The Boy. I finished Coronet #1 for Miss Rhiannon back in November and gave it to her for Yule. The Boy saw said hat, thought it was groovy, and wanted the Crazy Hat Lady (me) to knit him one for a few pennies. So, here it is, on size 8 bamboo dpns, just as before. I'm hoping perhaps I can weave in the top a little better this time because it came undone on the last one.
Spinning: It occurs to me that I'm going to need some drop spindle-spun yarn for the warp. Stuff spun on the drop spindle is stronger because it has to support the weight of the spindle and therefore better suited to be warp threads. The brown stuff on the bottom right is some I've spun using my drop spindle and I've been thinking about using that for my warp threads for my himation. I'm considering also using more of the Peaceful Pastures lamb. I haven't decided. I do know that one of these days I want to purchase a drum carder. It takes me six hours to card enough wool to make two and a half oz. of yarn. I'm getting faster at it, but still, that's ten hours all told to make yarn from raw wool. I have a greater appreciation for the scarcity of garments before any of these processes were mechanized, but dang. Ten hours. After I get my electric guitar, I'm saving my pennies for a drum carder. Still no loom, but I'm not in a huge rush for it, so it's no biggie. I'd like to have my own ball winder as well, but I have one that I can sometimes use, so the absence of a ball winder isn't nearly so painful as the absence of a drum carder.
Oh! I nearly forgot! I finally finished the Zebra swallowtail handkercheif. There it is. The image is traced from a photo and stitched mainly in satin stitch, with the outlines backstitched. It goes with the West Virginia White I finished earlier. Truth be told, they are going to two different people, but I think of them as a set. I finished this one last Saturday, I believe.
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