Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quickie update today. Right now, I've got three things on the needles. One thing for each level of stupid.
  1. Plain Brown hat in Jesspun yarn (stupid level: extreme)
  2. Kell's socks in Knitpicks Essential, black (stupid level: moderate)
  3. Flowerbasket Shawl in Knitpicks Shadow, lost lake (stupid level: minimal)
There's been a lot of hat knitting lately, but I'm making progress on the socks as well. The shawl is kind of crawling along, possibly because my stupid level hasn't gotten to minimal for some time. Today is tuesday, and tuesday is for spinning (so the Harlot says and it sounded like a plan to me). I'm thinking that I'll be doing some spindle spinning today so that I can have more yarn for the warp. I've researched loom design and it seems to be coming along rather well. I've about decided on a warp-weighted loom. I think it's probably the simplest design with the best means for keeping tension. I don't have a picture of my design sketches (pencil doesn't photograph well), but I think it's a good design and will be functional when it's put together.
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