Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quickie update:
In the spirit of February is for Finishing, I won't be casting on anything new this month. That is, I won't be casting on anything new unless I finish everything, which is a distinct possibility for me this year. I've started on the Right Front of the Cambridge Jacket (aka Man-Sweater) and I'm several rows into the leg of the sooper sekrit meadow socks. The latter I've been working on between classes and sometimes during class if I'm not taking notes or staining for the presence of starches in corn. The endosperm has lots of starch, the cotyledon has a little bit, and the embryo has none at all. It's very cool to look at.
Anyhow, I may further reduce the number of woven squares I'm doing to 15, considering the weight of the fabric. It'll be more like a chlamys than a himation, but I think I'm comfortable with that. I do live in the South, after all. I just don't see me wearing three yards of 60" wide heavy wool.
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