Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's that time of year again!
So, it's nearly February and, of course, that means February is for Finishing! Clicky for the rules and we shall be a Frackload of Fantastic Finishers...or something. I've only got two things on needles right now, 'cause I haven't had the time, braincells, RAM, or something for casting on something new. I've been working on my weaving when I can, but that's about it. I'm going to have to cast on something portable and brainless soon 'cause the sooper sekrit sockies are (hopefully) going to be finished pretty soon, probably before the end of February. I've also finished the Sherbet Set for little bit. She says she wants a rainbow sweater next. I think she should have one. Hopefully, I can get pictures of the whole ensemble in situ at some point.
The man-sweater is moving right along (biddy-boom, biddy-boom). I'm mostly through the Left front, where the ribbing increases are. I'm really liking it so far and I hope, I hope, I hope it fits. The Mystery Stole 3 had to be ripped. I'm just not going to have the brain cells for fiddly lace for a couple years. I'm sticking to a few items with fairly simple patterns for now so that I can use those neurons for research. Of course, it also got wet and I'm going to have to wash the yarn. Apparently the dishwasher next door had a bit of an accident. There's a hole in our wall duct taped closed, a carpet dryer, and a dehumidifier. The resulting noise has thoroughly traumatized the cat. He's attempting to cope by putting his little paws over the computer screen in an attempt to acquire some of my omelette. "It's comfort food," says he. "Yes, but if you eat my breakfast, I will endeavor to make you uncomfortable!" I have also learned today that it is inadvisable to cook eggs and blog simultaneously.
So, I'm working from home today. I'm not in my jammies, but the hair is sticking up in every conceivable direction and I'm wearing the "desperately need to do laundry" clothes. So, yeah, I'm doing laundry while searching for obscure books and articles. I'm going to have a hell of a time finding what I need. Anyone out there have Arkiv för Zoologi, Volume 36A, issue 3? Anyone?
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