Sunday, January 20, 2008


This, dear fronds and anemonies, is my 100th post on A Lace Maze is in Jest!
Coincidentally, Iris tells me that she is coming up upon her 100th day of 1st grade and that she intends to bring 100 acorns to class. She has an acorn collection, you see. Last year, she took a poster of 100 bits of yarn.
So, knitting and yarn things.
The lovely Kadollan has inquired as to my goals for the year. Mine aren't terribly lofty on accounta school. I don't want to say something like "I'm gonna knit a pair of socks a month!" when I've got research to do. That just ain't happenin'. What I can aim for is this:
  1. Finish my Man-Sweater.
  2. Make a sweater for my kidling
  3. Make a DNA scarf
  4. Make more socks 'cause hand-knitted socks are the awesomeness.
February is for finishing is coming up and I've actually only got a few things that I can finish. I'll be frogging the Mystery Stole 3. It's just not flipping my switch right now and I don't anticipate having the brain cells to work on it in at least a couple of years. I like knitting lace. It's fun, interesting, and challenging, but generally I like making more practical things. I'm just not in love with this pattern enough to keep knitting it.
Let's see, what else? I've got the sherbet scarf, which is nearing completion, the sooper sekrit socks for a certain person's little feet, and the Man Sweater. Holy crap. That's all I've got. I could conceivably finish every knitted thing I'm working on by the end of February. Scary. And then I get to cast on new stuff!! YAY!!

Also impending is Ostara and CoW (Crafts of the Wise) is again providing prizes for the Bardic Olympics. I made these bags just before school started and I think that's all I'm going to be able to get done. My life is hella busy. There are several things I'd like to do, but that just aren't going to happen. I think I will have more luck motivating others than making stuff myself. *cry* I wanted to make another cloak and some embroidered hankies and a tacky apron and...oh well. The one above and to the left is totebag sized and has a little matching buddy that you can take out. The other is purse sized, is made from seersucker and chintz, and has beads sewn into the center of a row of flowers. It's kind of tacky, but (hopefully) in a cute way & has a pocket inside. Both of these were made entirely from scraps.

I did promise weaving pictures. I'm on square two of forty. I am never frakking finishing this. So here's the yarn porn.
The first pic on the left there is a closeup of the first square. You can see a little where I was experimenting with patterns and weaves. It's purdy. I'm rather proud of this.
The pic on the right is the 2nd square. I am working on some basic Greek border patterns and seem to be having some success. You're looking at the back of the weaving there. I hope the front looks as good as I think it will. I'm still working on my technique and I reckon that by the time I get to square #40, I'll be pretty good at this. I hope. I'm not terribly confident that I'll finish this in time, but that's not entirely the point of doing it. Even this little bit that I've done is kind of effing awesome. I am so proud.
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