Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Good day, my spring chickens!
With all the wind and rain and robins singing, it's beginning to look like it might be spring soon. February has ended and I haven't finished a dang thing. But, March is for Making Mates, so I'm good. Meadow socks are done and ready to be some kind of nearish holiday present.
Mostly, like m'lady Kade, I focused on my Man-sweater, making a decent amount of progress during the month of February.
I'm halfway up one of the sleeves and would be farther along if I hadn't started a pair of Jaywalkers. For a few moments there, I only had the one thing (the sweater) on the needles and lest my fellow knitters think me some sort of yarn-faithful pervert, I cast on these puppies:
Jaywalkers in Opal Traumfänger in a kind of bluejay-lookin' colourway. Hence, Bluejay(walkers). These are super-secret socks for someone who occasionally reads my blog. Only my fellow Ravelers know the secret! Mwahaha!!
Seriously, these socks are going to be wicked awesome.
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