Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why, hullo, readers!
Yeah, I'm talkin' to both of you. Okay, so I've been busy. In fact, I'm busy right now. Anyhow, last night was Sober Ride, As with last year, I did a count of cowboy hats, kilts, and street guitars. Here's last year's count. And this year's follows:
  • 17 Cowboy hats
  • 1 kilt (though anecdotal evidence brings the number up to four)
  • 6 guitars
  • 11 drunk people safely home
  • one dead 'possum
  • 3 tips refused
The kilt count is down, as is the Cowboy hat count, but the guitar count is up. No crackheads, just one guy that wanted us to take him to his car. Headdesk. He was a bit dense - and tried to tip me $20 (which I refused).

I took my knitting, of course, and managed to make some progress on sleeve #2 of the Man-sweater. More later, of course.
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