Thursday, August 07, 2008

I don't actually like people. I like trees better than people. In fact, if I could replace most people with oaks, maples, hickories, etc., I'd be a happy girl.
What brought this on, you say?
I have nothing in common with the other bus stop moms with the exception that I also have a kid in school and they insist on talking to me. I have nothing in common with the other dance school moms, either, except for one who works for the College of Basic and Applies Sciences and even then...
If this is representative of the greater population, then I'm really...let's say "unique." I forget that I'm on the fringes of society. I forget that I don't fit in. I don't like being reminded of it, either. The way I am is normal for me and it's normal for Iris. I like me, I like how I live, and I won't change just to fit in. But all the same, it's uncomfortable to not fit in.
I know I usually talk about my creative endeavors here, but this is a part of it. I'm an artist and artists are notoriously weird - on the fringes of society, bohemians out to change the world for the better. That's me. I've resisted labeling myself as part of any particular counterculture, but it seems that I can't avoid it. Bohemians will never win, counterculture will never become culture, but we will slowly change the world for the better. Our purpose is to challenge the world in which we live so that society will evolve into something better - we hope.
If I were alone in this, I'd have very little hope, but "I get by with a little help from my friends/ I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends."

Sorry about the lack of knitting content. Here's a picture of the Snakes! sweater all finished. I took the picture at the top last spring when I was taking Flowering Plants. You can see Lamium, Vetch, and Wild pansies. They are members of the Mint, Pea, and Violet families, respectively. Most would call these "weeds" but I think they're lovely.
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