Saturday, July 18, 2009

Okay, so, I've been busy and distracted. There's a great portion of my nerdiness in two links. Some of the distracted stuff is admittedly a little smutty - okay, A LOT smutty, but it is as it is. It's fun to write anyway and if you don't care for fanfic (yes, I'm looking at you, little sister) then you don't have to read it.

Some people juggle geese. I write fanfic. Oh, and mom? Here's a citation in Wikipedia for the origin of slash fanfiction. And I quote:

Slash fiction originated in Star Trek fandom in the late 1960s when fans paired main characters James Kirk and Spock together.[3]

The link cites the Cambridge History of 20th Century English Literature. I haven't double-checked the source, but slash fanfiction has been a time-honored way of participating in the Star Trek fandom since forever. It goes right along with owning Hamlet in the original Klingon and having ever worn a Starfleet Uniform. Bonus points if your mom made it for you - double bonus points if you're 30 years old and your mom is making you a new one because she loves you and knows you're a hardcore fan (I love you, mom!)

Anyhow, a couple pictures from the busy part. They're in no particular order and I plan on uploading the rest of them to Flickr fairly soon. One is for the Yarn Harlot. "Push button to cross Kinnear" just seemed really frikkin' funny to me. The dude with the hat is John Wenzel - he was our main host for the phylogenetics workshop. The other dude was the dude that changed my tire today. He's my customer service hero.

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