Monday, July 27, 2009


I put on my game face today and walked to work. I also took little bit to school, said hi to her teacher (same teacher as last year, very good), ate breakfast, tossed a brick of borscht into my backpack, and did a few minutes of spinning before I left the house. I'm getting ready to make my to do: list because I've got a crapload to do yet.

I am determined (and I hope I can keep this up).

I had a bunch of stuff in my backpack today, so it was kinda heavy. There was the fat folder full of phylogenetics which is not coming home with me, so that will be a significant reduction in weight on the return trip. Woo!

So, with the heavy backpack, walking to work was a sweaty "I have a heavy thing on my back" ordeal, but I did not stop and I did not complain, I just listened to zencast, made the "grr" face, and went on. If I can tackle a volcano, I can handle the mile to work. Grr.

I've actually been knitting. Get back! Yeah, there has been actual honest-to-goodness knitting in my world and I'm halfway through the second sock on my red-and-grey just for jess stripies. They are to be rechristened the The Ohio State University socks, mostly because I knitted a fair bit of them at Ohio state. Lookit here. Biologist sock pictures.

Week at the beach was kinda awesome. I don't have those pictures up yet, but there are several where I'm being doofy around my nephew who is two and frikkin' adorable. I'm his favorite, by the way. The little dude loves his Aunt Jess because I'm the fun one. Hahahaha!

That's about all there is for now. I've got latin to translate. Engh. I despise translating latin, mostly because I'm not very familiar with it. But I'm almost done with translations of generic descriptions and then it's on to attempting to form a data matrix.
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