Monday, June 05, 2006

I...don't know what to say. I'm still in shock, I think.
I finished it- **finished** done, blocked, and it's now neatly folded in my drawer out of reach of kitties or kiddies. I finished the Mystery Shawl #2.
I'm going to have some ice cream now.
Here's the proof:

Here it is blocking on my bed. I have a Queen sized bed, this shawl is freakin' huge! I was really worried about the tight bound off edge along the neck, and while I'm not pleased that the top edge is so inconsistent, it blocked fine. I would rather liked to have had a consistent edge worked along the top, but what is one to do?

And here is the shawl completely blocked and hanging on my VanGogh print of Cherry Blossoms that my most awesome mom got framed for me.
This is the cleanest place in my house.

note the cat up to mischeif as usual. No, he didn't pull it down, that was an attempt at artful draping. If he had pulled it down, the next finished project you would have seen here would be a lovely grey fur hat.

Also, I finished MladyM's socks! They are perfect sockly twinkies. Which is to say that they match just perfectly. See?
My feet are pretty close in size to the intended feet. These are a bit big on me, so they should be perfect. I'll be mailing them off to Canada just as soon as I can get to the post office.
I hope they fit okay. I really liked working with this yarn and I've got a weee ickle bit left over and I don't know what the frell I should do with it. More pictures of the socks here.

I've started on Dragonfly's socks (formerly known as Wintermoon) and they are going very quickly. I thought I would try the eye of the partridge heel, 'cause it looks neat and I've not done it before. I wasn't sure how it would look with the self-striping yarn, but it turned out just fine. (...goes to take picture...)
(...returns from taking picture) Well, as you can see, the heel flap turned out fine. I think I like how that looks even better. There's also a little preview of the picot edge for the cuff. I figured that since they were short socks, they needed something other than ribbing.
The thing in the background is a glasses case I made for myself because I suddenly needed one. I've got contacts now. While I wish they were the kind of contacts that could get me a job (I'm looking for one this summer), they are not. They are, however, the kind that I poke into my eyeball so I don't have to wear glasses. It's weird to just see my face in the mirror. I haven't seen that since 5th grade and I look a bit different. I like it. I can wear sunglasses that cost me all of a dollar ten cents.

I must tell you something. I had just finished the vinyard socks the day or so before I finished the MS#2. When I finished the shawl, I had nothing on my needles for five, maybe ten minutes. It was weird, let me tell ya. As it is, I've only got Dragonfly's socks on the needles right now. The second foot sweater isn't cast on yet and I've not got the pattern for the flower basket shawl yet either. I'm considering getting something from the stash and just casting something on. A hat? A scarf?
Can't be having one project at a time, now can we?
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