Wednesday, October 25, 2006

50th post!

This is my Fiftieth Post! Woot!
I am inspired today by the Yarn Harlot and the words of my Kell - "Make stuff. Make stuff and share it!"

This is me today. I made the dress I'm wearing and I decided to wear that d*mn shawl because I made it and it was hard, and it's done and it looks beautiful.

And here is Kell's cloak with the symbol pinned on, but not yet stitched down. I'm working on that today. This was hard, too, but I'm doing it and it's going to be AWESOME and she will absolutely love it.

And I ended up making my very first ball of homespun yarn into a headband to wear to keep my ears warm. I stitched it up last night. It wasn't really that hard to knit, but I spun the yarn myself, taught myself how to do it and then made fabric out of it. I am proud of this.
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