Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Okay, yeah, it's been awhile. I've been waiting on the means, motive, and opportunity to take pictures of the many and varied things that I've finished and that I've got in progress.
Here we go.

Slith...er...um...snake socks.
Not much progress, but some.
I'm about two thirds of the way up the foot.
Not much else to report, really.

Baby Snakey sweater.
One sleeve done, the second started. This picture was kind of hard to take because it's a raglan sweater, and...well, it looks like poo right now. It is pieces of string made into fabric bits. Not much to look at, but it's going to be reeeeallly cute when it's finished. At least the lamb's ear looks nice.
And it will have snakes on it.
Snake skin socks, from the 6sox group.
Are we sensing a theme here? What is it with me and snake-related knitting lately? I swear to you I didn't plan this.
Anyhow - look! see how they are all done done done!
I was a skosh late in posting the finished picture to the group, but that's okay 'cause I totally got them done.
First on my feet next to the marigolds

And here a shot of them next to a moon flower. Moon flower is the common name for Datura species. Datura, also known as raving nightshade or jimson weed, is very very toxic.

This is not Datura. This plant is a relative to morning glory and it is also called moonflower. It's genus and species is Ipomoea alba. This genus contains over 500 different species, including the ornamental moon flower.

And now, for something completely different. It has nothing to do with snakes. Here are the Husband!socks. Look look! I am on the toe decreases! Thank the immortal Gods, I'm finally on the toe decreases. I will finish them before his birthday on the 11th. Go me!

I rather like this picture. I have another picture that's pretty good next to some purdy flowers, but this one is more...I don't know...appropriate?
These socks are for a big ol' dude. So I took the picture on a dude's truck - you will also note roof construction in the background. These are very dude-related things. Of course, the truck and construction belong to a completely different dude who also wants foot-sweaters. He will have to take that up with his woman. Sorry, Carl, you are one of my best friends in the whole world, but I don't love you enough to make you foot-sweaters. Thanks for the photographic use of the truck, though.
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