Sunday, February 11, 2007

Holy cow, that is cute. I have got a seriously cute kid.
Oh! erm, knitting and finishing and...right, got distracted by the cuteness. Sorry about that.
So, here's the sherbet hat and sherbet mittens, all finished and in use. (I think I've already said this, but...) It's made from microspun and some fluffy thing from Yarn Bee stranded together and knit on #7 bamboo dpns. Note the pompom. It's huge. I asked her what kind of top she wanted her hat to have and she picked pompom. She even opened up my handy-dandy knit patterns book and pointed to it so as to make sure I got the right one. The girl knows what she wants. Well, as you can tell, she really likes the hat and mittens her mommy made for her. I totally score good mommy points.
So, we got some cash from the father-in-law as a late Christmas gift and what do I do but go to the Knaughty Knitter - on accounta 'cause. I got some Northern Lights roving in a colorway called "Teddy Bear," a 100g skein of Opal in a blue that translates to "Dreamcatcher," and Iris decided that she wanted some yarn, so she got a skein of pastel acrylic/viscose. She was very excited about all the different yarns and wool and had to show me everything. She even decided that she wanted to pay for everything (with my money, of course), so she gave Miss Meredith the dollars and I used it as a math lesson. Teaching moments are everywhere.
So I already started spinning the roving and it's a bit coarse, but spins very very quickly. I've already got one skein of about 1 1/4 oz., 100yds, 3-ply, and one half ounce single all spun up. It's kind of a brownish-grey with some cream and white and really does remind me of teddy bears. I'm even considering knitting a teddy bear from it, though I've not made my mind up about that yet. I will post pictures when I get the chance.
Well, it's off to bed for me. Little bit has school in the morning.
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