Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It came! It came! It came!

This is the wool I ordered from Peaceful Pastures and it came today. They're a farm out in Hickman and they also sell meat. I'm all about buying locally when I can, so I'm thinking about also buying some meat from them. The only barrier there is the amount of freezer space I have.
It occurs to me that I am easily distracted by shiny new wool. I have yet to actually knit anything with anything I've spun. I did manage a gauge swatch with the rainbowdey soysilk/wool and I'm planning a pair of gloves from that. This here is intended for a woven himation and I can't wait to start spinning it. It's super soft. I'd make things for my new nephew out of this it's so soft. I've also got some bamboo fiber on the drop spindle and some wool I got from the Knaughty Knitter on the wheel. I've almost spun all of that up and when I sit down to it again, it should go pretty quickly.
But it's February for Finishing and I've finished one entire thing. There's been no progress on the flower basket shawl since last I posted, some progress on the scarf, and some progress on Kell's sock, but nothing yet finished. Becky, you are totally kicking my butt.
I need to focus.
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