Monday, February 05, 2007

I am weak. I cast on something new on the 1st of February. I am ashamed. It was the new sock from the 6-sox list, "Springtime in Paris," but I ended up not liking how the fabric was turning out, so I ripped it out completely. So far, I've finished bupkis other than a dice bag for my sweetie made from his underwear. I have, however, made progress on a couple things and other than my brief infraction I've been moving right along. Here's a list of the knitting uFo's 'cause the complete uFo list is entirely too intimidating. the complete uFo list is also in the sidebar, but I try not to look at it too much, lest I hide under the couch and cry.

  • Mock Croc socks for Kell
  • sherbet hat for Iris
  • flower basket shawl
Three things. Okay, three knitted things. I'm easily distracted by shiny objects and actually have about a dozen other things that I ought to finish as well. But there's my knitting uFo list. The knitted list is totally doable in the month of February and if I finish other objects, it's a bonus.
So, here are some in-progress pictures. First, the Mock Croc socks. I'm about a pattern repeat away from the heel of the first sock and if I bust butt on it, I can totally get it done before the end of February. I just need to remember not to try and knit while I'm watching other people play video games. I turn into a drooling zombie that can't knit even the simplest lace pattern.

Second, the sherbet hat. I made a pair of sherbet mittens for Miss Iris because she lost her yellow ones I made for her. I know, they had a string between them, but she lost the entire jacket they were strung into. I haven't got a picture of those and can't really take one right now because she wore them to school. They're not stellar, but they're cute and she likes them. After I finish the hat, I'll be making a scarf to match. All the yarn is in various colors of Microspun that I traded to Becky for some fat quarters. I'm not sure what I was thinking there, but it's stash and I'm using it. It's stranded with some pastel fluffy thing from Yarn Bee - also stash. Iris and Kell are the best people to make things for. Both of them are very excited about their things I'm knitting.

Thirdly, the Flower basket shawl by Evelyn Clark. I made a rather terrible mistake involving a dropped stitch and ended up ripping the entire thing out, but I was only a few repeats in and recovered quickly. I'm now five pattern repeats in out of an intended twelve. I'm not entirely sure who the recipient is going to be, but I'm rather enjoying the process. It's a simple knit and the lace pattern seems to follow a logical progression of sorts. I barely have to glance at the pattern to know where I am and what I'm doing.

I've also got some embroidery in progress, Gretta's cocaine Katie pants and a butterfly handkercheif. For some reason, everyone seems to like the butterfly ones best of all. Fortunate for me, there are enough varieties of butterfly to keep me interested. I try to depict real butterflies as best as I can because they're more beautiful than anything I could invent. I'd like to do a black swallowtail eventually and Miss Kell wants a tiger swallowtail. Iris wants a hanky of her very own as well, but I don't know if I'm going to make her an embroidered one. I may just pick a fabric she likes and hem the edges. We'll see.

So, anyhow, I do feel like I'm moving along and I'm pretty hopeful about February is for finishing. I'm not entirely sure what's on the docket for today's needlework. Perhaps hat, perhaps shawl, perhaps sock, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...Sorry, slipped into Cake for a minute.
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