Tuesday, January 30, 2007

February is for Finishing,

Frogging, or Flinging (as in out of a car window).
I've had a bad case of startitis lately, partly due to the mad dash of finishing stuff before the holidays. Last year, the lovely Beckoo came up with February is for Finishing (Frogging, or Flinging) in which we are honest with ourselves about our uFo's and attempt to Finish, Frog, or Fling as many of them as possible. Last year, we had the Knitting Olympics and I Finished an entire cardigan for myself right at the deadline. Go me. This year, no Knitting Olympics and I'm really really trying to be honest with myself about all the uFo's, though I'm sure there are a few projects that I've left out. So the rules, shamelessly copied and/or paraphrased from Beckoo's Blog, are as follows:
  • Find and identiFy all your uFo's. Be honest - no Fibbing, no cheating. Be Fearless! And iF you have uFo's from last year, consider whether or not you are really going to Finish them.
  • Do Not (and this is very important) Do Not cast on any new projects during February. Swatches obviously do not count.
  • Finish, Fling or Frog as many uFo's as you can. There may be a prize for the knitter who completes the most projects!
In continuing with the spirit of February is for Finishing, I'm also stash-knitting. My ultimate goal is to root out most of the acrylic so that I can have more room for wool. I've begun to resort to stashing yarn on my bookshelf. This tells me that my net stash is not static. There has, in fact, been a decided increase in said stash, much of which was actually given to me. I haven't got a huge stash and I haven't reached SABLE, but I do have limited space in which to store anything. That said, I've ordered an entire fleece for to spin on my spinning wheel and lest you think I'm a great big cheater, fiber for spinning doesn't count.
Speaking of spinning, I'm working on some lovely brown wool on my drop spindle until I get my fleece. Since Tuesday is for spinning, I'm going to get back to it. Once I finish this brown, I'm going to try the bamboo fiber I got for Yule!
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