Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I got a lot done today - as far as textiles go, that is.
  1. I patched John's underpants (I'd rather he wear patched-up undies than ones that have less actual fabric than a loincloth. I don't have to buy him new ones this way. And it amuses me.)
  2. I ripped apart dyed, dried, and ironed an old underskirt that I had made. I must have been drinking heavily when I put it together because - holy krimeny the mistakes and horrid seams and... It's better now. Now I have two very nice pieces of coffee dyed muslin that I may very well remake into a decent underskirt. With better seams this time.
    Did you know that when you dump coffee grounds into a big pot, stir around a bunch of fabric in it, and then toss the fabric in the dryer that it leaves coffee grounds all over your dryer and laundry room floor? It does.
  3. I embroidered a handkercheif. The seams aren't done yet, but it's this butterfly. And I think the stitching turned out pretty nice
  4. I spun more of the rainbowdey soysilk/wool.
Not bad for a day's work. I also loaded the dishwasher and made dinner for me and the little one. I wonder if tomorrow I should put the muslin through another round of dye and dry tomorrow. Hmm... Will have to sleep on that.
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