Monday, January 22, 2007

Lots of pictures today and lots of updates on projects. I've been a busy lady lately with something of a case of startitis.

I finished my red Opal Krokodil socks. No pattern, just a basic sock recipe. I figured out while I was making these socks why I was getting such weird gauges. It turns out that I had my 0's mixed in with my 1's. The problem has since been solved. The most wonderful Beckoo made for me a case for my dpns for Yule. She's my favoritest Beckoo in the world.

So, there's a picture of my little feet and my big husband there in the background. I love the goofy face he's making.
Remember the foot-sweaters I was making for him? I happened to finish these socks Wednesday night. The next morning, I was to drive to Franklin for purposes of taking the GRE. I heard that it is customary to touch the feet, preferably the big toe of Athena before taking the GRE. Having no Athena at hand, I imagined touching her big toe as I finished the toe of the last sock. She's also a goddess of weaving and other string-related endeavors, so it seemed to make sense to me.
Anyhow, in a show of sock-solidarity, Dear Husband of mine wore his foot-sweaters that I made for him. All the mojo must have worked because I think I did pretty alright on the test. I don't know for sure exactly how I did, but I didn't completely freak out and bomb.

I started on Miss Kell's socks. The pattern is Mock Croc socks from Knitpicks, done in their Essential sock yarn in black on 2 size 1 circulars from... Knitpicks. Do we see a trend? I like Knitpicks, what can I say?
She loves them already. Like I said, she's the Best. Person. Ever. to make things for. She insisted that I knit from stash, even though sock yarn doesn't count as stash. *sigh*

Ah, well. I'm knitting from stash anyhow. I'm planning on knitting another pair of mittens for little Iris, possibly in purple and with a matching hat and scarf.
So here's a picture of the tiny gauge sock and of the sock-in-progress. I think I'm going to put the gauge socks on my Yule tree 'cause they're cool and tiny and so cute! I'll have a tiny sock garland, it'll be great.
This is a good picture of the mock croc texture. I like the nubblies.

And finally, here is the newly started flower basket shawl. This one goes very very quickly and the lace pattern is easy. Of course, it looks like molded ramen noodles right now because it's unblocked lace, but it will get better. I'm using size 7 circulars (again, Knitpicks Options needles) and Knitpicks Shadow in Lost Lake.

Other than that, I'm out of roving to spin on my wheel. I've got some stuff that I'm spinning on my drop spindle, but nothing for my wheel. I'm out. I shall have to fix that.
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