Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Under the category of "Things that sound dirty, but aren't":

1."Wanna see dirty wool on my niddy-noddy?"

And there it is, splayed out on my kitchen table for all to see. The scandal!

Here's the ramen noodle picture. I find that the wok is just perfect for wool-soaking purposes. All the yellow is the funk that was on the sheep when it was sheared. Another thing that sounds dirty but isn't:
2. "It's still soaking because this was a very dirty sheep."

It's not as bad now, but the water is still a bit cloudy. I'll probably soak it most of the day and then hang it out to dry overnight. I finished spinning the yarn last night and spent the better part of this morning dealing with certain stash concerns, primarily identifying yarn (it was a nylon/wool sock yarn in two shades of lavender), winding said yarn up, and ripping out and winding up a failed hat project. It drove the cat insane. More.
I want to start a pair of mittens for little Iris, but I should be working on my sock. I may very well, but dishes and dinner must come first. Possibly also vacuuming and sweeping. 'Cause, dang.
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