Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva

New Year, New Life.
I'm not sure this is a comprehensive list of all the things I've finished in 2006, but it's a pretty good one. It includes knitting projects, sewing projects, embroidery, and some quilting, so here it is in reverse order. Dates are approximate and taken primarily from whenever it was that I posted photos.

1. Olympic Cardigan, finished Feb 26
2. Bardic Olympics hankies, finished Mar 20
3. Pink Iris socks, finished Apr 5
4. Na'ama's pants to skirt transformation, finished Apr 19
5. Sun and Moon hankies, finished Apr 20
6. Brown satin bridesmaid's dress, finished May 10
7. Mystery Shawl #2, aka Ragnarok Shawl, finished June 4
8. Vinyard socks, finished June 4
9. Dragonfly's Socks, finished June 29
10.Cotton washcloths, finished July 19
11.Yellow Iris mittens, finished July 25
12.Cherry dress, finished July 25
13.Green dress (but not a real green dress, that's cruel), finished Sept 4
14.Sunshine and Rainbows nightgown, finished Sept 5
15.Snake Skin Socks, finished Sept 31
16.Husband!Socks, finished Oct 10
17.General Grievous cloak, finished Nov 1
18.Slitherin Fair-Isle socks, finished Nov 23
19.Coronet hat, finished Nov 25
20.Snake sweater for Thomas Oren, finished Nov 10
21.two paganly hankies, finished Oct 21
22.purple Oakland dress, finished Oct 8?
21.Popholders for Ishbu, finished Dec 15
22.Green socks, finished Dec 17
23.Shirt for Rowan, finished Dec 12
24.Shirt for Morgan, finished Dec 15
25.Funky shirt for Ryan, finished Dec 22
26.Satin KIP bag, finished Dec 14
27.Two knight puppets, finished Dec 10
28.Pink Iris nightgown and robe, finished Dec 15

I'm guessing on a lot of these dates, but it should be pretty close to right. Now you know why I was insane about the middle of December. So, there it is. That's 28+ projects I've finished since February of last year. Now I assess what I have in progress, and work on finishing what I've started. Really, though, I haven't got a whole lot of UFOs and I've been doing very well at finishing what I start and working from stash. I hope it keeps up.

Happy New Year, all, and may we finish more than we start.
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