Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's my kind of town

Things that I learned while in Chicago:
1. Don't forget your camera.

I found a $10 digital camera at Walgreens. It's not a great camera and most of the pictures were not very good, but I did get a few of the sock about town.
First, I cast on at a spot near the bottom of Sears tower. Then we walked all over, hither and thither, looking for landmarks that the sock wanted to see.

We stopped by the statue of Lincoln in Grant Park, but never did get to the statue of Grant in Lincoln Park.

One thing I love about Chicago is that everything is decorated. This is the sock hanging out at the base of a lamppost near the Art Institute.

We hung out at the Art Institute for some time, mostly in the Ancient Greek gallery and the Neoclassical sculpture.

This one is called "Spinning." It's mate is one called "Knitting." The sock was pleased.

We saw the Chicago Theater later that evening, and then the local news. That's Chicago's Channel 7? I forget. I think it was a CBS affiliate. It was kind of cool to see the robotic cameras. I always imagine three or four dudes working them, but these were automatic.

After eating at a place called The Big Bowl, We rode the "el" home.

I have also learned:
2. That "extra" ball of yarn isn't extra. Bring it with you anyway.
I was working on the Flower Basket Shawl and ran out of yarn. It's Knitpick's Shadow in Lost lake. I even decided to work 11 repeats instead of 12 and ran out in the middle of the edging. I didn't cuss, but I wanted to.
3. While not ideal, it is not impossible to spin on a train.
4. Home is where the Stash is. It's good to be home.

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