Sunday, July 08, 2007

The flowerbasket shawl is now blocking on my bed and I've finished one of the Doc's socks. #2 is cast on and I've got to find my notes so that I the second sock. The first one went pretty quickly, so I'm hoping the second will go even quicker. As soon as I get them finished and photographed, they'll be off to warm the feet of a very special doctor I know.
I'm having trouble deciding which picture to send in to "Summer of Socks" for my vacation picture. I like "Birth of an Urban Sock" by the Sears Tower and I like "Chicago Theater at Night." Of course, "El Train Knitting" is also good and has a somber, end-of-the-day feel to it. "Knitting and Spinning" is also good, but I kinda feel like I'm cheating with the picture of Thomas Eakins' work. I'm leaning toward one of the first two.
Like the sheep I am, I've joined the Mystery Stole #3 and will be knitting along with a flock of 6,702 other knitters. I only lack the beads. I've decided to go ahead and use my handspun brown for this instead of for the himation because I never really felt like it matched well. It's a lovely soft yarn and I think it is well suited to this project.
I've got the yarn and pattern for our Man-sweater mini-along with Becky, I've put in my request for Ravelry, and the rest of the yarn for the Worsted-stocking knave is on its way.
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