Friday, July 27, 2007

I can't do it. I just...can't.
I can't make a tacky crocheted afghan with crap acrylic yarn from 1962 and the Red Heart has got to go. Life's too short to work with crap yarn, even in the interest of kitsch. It's all going in the yard sale. Moving this part of my stash out allows more room for decent yarn that I like. There are still acrylics in there, but the red heart is gone, so is the mohair/acrylic, and so is the crap yarn from 1962. I know it's from 1962 'cause some of it was wrapped around newspapers, one of which had a comic about a stockbroker knitting. The gods have a wicked sense of humor.I have actually been working on Doc's Socks and have 1 1/2 socks done. I'm on the decreases at the heel gusset and they're looking pretty good. Kitty thought so too. Pretty soon , I'm going to have to write up the pattern, but no worries there. The socks themselves are turning out very well.I've also been working on the Mystery stole, but it's kind of creeping along. Because it takes my full attention, it's not exactly bus stop knitting. It doesn't get as much of my time as it wants, but it is moving along and it's just starting to look like something. I was worried about using my handspun yarn and that it might be too coarse or something, but the yarn is no trouble to work with, has good stitch definition, goes through the beads just fine, and is plenty soft. This picture is kind of crap, but it's unblocked lace. What can I say? (Oh, I wrote myself little reminders on the pattern 'cause I needed encouragement.)I love my Husqvarna so far and have made a couple small things. I made a diaper bag for my neighbor and a KIP bag for myself. My first KIP bag was too small and kind of...bled. I'm getting better at making them as I go along and mine seems to be working quite well. I'm actually working on Jim's shirt and it only lacks sleeves, buttonholes, and buttons at this point. If I'd make myself work on it, it would be finished. Next up is Heather's outfit. I've got the pattern worked out and just need to get started on cutting it out and stitching it together. I'm trading that one for tai chi lessons and at the rate I'm progressing in tai chi, I'll be sewing for bleedin' ever. I'm actually not doing terribly bad and get a little farther each time. In fact, I was able to stand on my right leg in tree pose for about a minute. Progress is good.
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