Monday, August 27, 2007

Got some pictures taken, finally.
Here are the art gloves, made from jesspun laceweight on US#1 dpns. The fiber is a soysilk/wool blend and was wheel spun at so many wpi's I don't want to talk about it. The pattern is derived from the Knitter's handy-dandy book o' patterns, with a few necessary modifications for purposes of proper fitting.
Here are the WSK (Worsted stocking knave) socks. I'm still decreasing at the gusset, but these should go fairly quickly once that's done. The knave in question is a bit wide in the gusset, so I'm making a couple changes to the way I normally do gussets. I am decreasing just a little slower than usual (dec row, k around, dec row, k 2 rounds), so perhaps that will work. I'll have to try it on him once I'm done with that part. I'll also have to find someplace slightly more manly to take pictures of the manly sock. Amongst the mints just isn't quite right.
Since I finished the Art gloves, I started these socks. They're a blend of bamboo, cotton, and elastic that I got from the Knaughty Knitter. The colorway is called "reggae" and I am making them 'cause it's freakin' hot in the summer in the south. I can't be wearing wool in August. Just sayin'. I may have to rip them back a bit 'cause they seemed loose when I put them on my feet. I'm not terribly far along and if I were to rip them out now would be the time.
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