Sunday, January 23, 2011

Could be aliens

I might be a little hat-obsessed right now. I'm not sure if the aliens have finally got through to my brain and implanted a compulsion to knit hats in order to take over the earth by way sending subliminal messages in the stitching, thus pacifying the human race or if I'm just on a hat-knitting kick. In fact, I just started another one a few minutes ago. I'm not using a pattern, just a basic top-down hat recipe wherein I cast-on yea so many stitches and increase by 6 every row for a bit 'til I have enough fabric to measure gauge. I'll increase every row until I have half the stitches needed for the circumference I'm going for and then every other row until I have all the stitches I need. I go for a bit, do some ribbing, and voilá, hat.

As soon as I'd finished this one, I started this one:

and knit it in the same manner as described above, only with a fair-isle pattern lifted from an issue of Stranded. I'm sending this one to a friend in Poland because I can think of no one in the world that could use a hat that is as warm as this. One is leftovers from my last Olympic Cardigan (Ravelry Link) and the other was a gift from Kade's eldest offspring. Both are alpaca, making this a rather warm little hat. Clearly, it needs to go to Poland.

It turns out I may not need February is for Finishing 6th Annual Finish-a-palooza and the only reason that I can think of as to why, exactly, I won't need it is because I'm a freak of nature. Or, it could be aliens.
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