Sunday, January 09, 2011

I wouldn't have minded

I've just finished "Rebecca's Awesome Sweater"(ravelry link) and... I don't think I'll be knitting this one again. I found it to be much fussier than necessary and I don't know if it's me or the way the pattern is written, but I had a terrible time with it and it did not come out lookin' like the picture.

There's a fold-over button band, which I wouldn't have minded but for the fact that picking up stitches at the top of the button band was a pain in the arse. There's a lace design, very like a mock-cable sort of thing, which I thought was lovely and I wouldn't have minded but for the fact that it just stops at the top. This means that when you're picking up stitches for the neck, you're picking up where there are holes and you have to finagle it a bit. I wouldn't have minded picking up the neckband at all, but for the above two concerns.

And then there were the set-in sleeves, which I wouldn't have minded, but for the fact that they didn't actually fit the armscye. The whole thing was a bit of a seaming disaster that, unfortunately, involved the sewing machine. I'm not showing you my seams. It's too horrific. I'm not really sure what happened here and I'm not sure whether if it was the pattern or me, but this pattern and I have decided to see other people. It's really just better this way.

All in all, it's still a success as a knitting project. It fits the intended recipient and the offspring likes it. If you don't look at it too closely, it's a pretty cute sweater and looks alright.

I've also finished "The Four Elements" (Ravelry link) and it seems to have blocked beautifully. It might be a bit shorter than is ideal, but I think it will do. I took these pictures during the blocking process and hope to get some more photographs of it in its full glory in the future. I'm quite happy with it and I love how the colors balance each other.

At this rate, I'm not going to have anything to finish during the month of February.
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