Thursday, February 12, 2015

My name is Jess, and I suffer from DaVinci Disorder.

You see where I'm going with this?
I sorted my fabrics this week into keep boxes and a large give away box for the as yet to be determined craft swap. There was a point at which I'd contemplated tossing the whole lot of it and starting from scratch, but that... didn't happen. The second I started sifting through the stash, I started having fond memories of things I'd made and plans for things to make or colors and patterns that went well together. I did end up tossing some stuff I don't love and reduced the stash by a rather large box. I also said "Eff it, I'm not going to finish." to some of the WIPs, but that is a far cry from tossing everything. It really isn't a large fabric stash, but now it will be an even smaller one. The next step, of course, is actually using the fabric.

The hardest part is going to be turning plans and ideas into actual projects that get finished. Right now I have a post for another blog at 90% done, plans for bottoms for Little Miss Bu, a Spring Formal dress for Fluffalo in the barest stages of planning, project bags and other accessories I want to do, possibly satin throw pillows, and several quilt squares I found that I still like and want to finish. Then there's the garden to plan and I want more raised beds, a leaf mulcher, another composter, an edible front yard garden, creeping thyme in the East garden, terracing on the South slope or else some sort of cover. My brain will not shut up with the ideas and it's interfering with the stuff I already have going.

I also made crayons
And a picture from crayons I made.
This is the plight of those who suffer from DaVinci Disorder*. At least we lead very, very productive lives.

Plus, I have had a week. Things are just not running as smoothly as I would like and right very now, there's a giant pile of laundry on my bed that needs to be folded. My children have needed extra parenting this week (nothing bad, really, they each just needed a reasonable amount of extra help) and I just found out today that one of my former thesis advisors died from a sudden heart attack and my science bro friend is on dialysis (but also graduating in May, so congrats, Eric!). None of those things are about me, of course, but they are just kind of being there in my general vicinity and I'm distracted by them.

I may have barricaded myself in and stress cleaned the kitchen.
At least the floors got mopped.

I had great plans for this week that involved spinning the rest of the SoUP batts and doing some deliberate planning for sewing projects, all while I merrily knit away at WIPs and possibly even finish a baby sweater while all the laundry gets done and the house gets tidied and the children have wonderful days.

The best laid plans: the gods laugh at them.

So, I don't have a technique for this week and I feel a bit like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards, as my dear Bekah might say. I look it, too, though showers have been known to cure many ills. At any rate, I'm discombobulated and awry.

If I were to write a fic about the character of me, a Mary Sue version, if you will, she would wake up tomorrow, having found both her bootstraps and big girl panties (props to my dear Koren for this idea). A to do list would happen, she would have already showered before heading to bed the night before, and the coffee pot would be ready to go. Laundry would get folded and crafts would be started because she'd have a mother-loving plan.

The great thing about a Mary Sue You is that tonight, I can clear the laundry to be folded tomorrow, set up the coffee so it will be ready at the push of a button, and shower before I go to bed. Even if I had super fireball powers, it wouldn't help, but I do have a coffee pot and some vitamin D, which is good enough.

*Not a real disorder. My sister and I made it up. We'd write a book about it, but we have so many other projects going on that it probably won't get finished.

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