Thursday, February 26, 2015


Most of this week has continued to be covered in ice and snow, but at least the kids are back in school. We were all craving some normalcy after last week's icy shenanigans. It's snowing now, but snow isn't nearly as much of a problem as the ice. Snow is fine. Ice is treacherous. 
Bekah took some really great pictures of ice at her place. Her picture with the bell pretty much says it all. The one to the left was taken from my bedroom window and you can see that our street is clear, but our driveway was a solid sheet of ice. 
I've spent the greater majority of this week under blankets with hot beverages and my step count shows it. The past two weeks have not been good for my exercise and dietary habits, but I know I'll get back in the saddle pretty soon. I've got a treadmill and I know how to use it. 
On the bright side, I'm a stripe and a row away from being done with Mr. Rippley, my coffee friend. A little bit of weaving in ends after that and he'll be ready to adorn the couch in all his crocheted glory. I can be done by the end of the month. I'm hooking like I've never hooked before.

I also took a break from my current WIPs to do something a little bit goofy with some ancient novelty and acrylic stash. I rather like it and enjoyed knitting it, even though these days, I most likely wouldn't go out and buy yarn like this on purpose. It's cute, much like a really ugly, but very sweet dog. 

This is twenty some-odd stitches alternating in garter stitch and (RS) k1, sl1 (WS) P across, with a 4-stitch garter stitch border. Cast-on and cast-off ends are seamed together to make a little cowl that befits a toddler if she decides it's not too fuzzy or an adult who is a little bit bold about color choices.

I also have a sewing FO and some learning happened here.

 This is a DPN roll, which has since been washed and pressed, so it's nice and classy looking and without its markings showing. The fabrics are a combination of a vintage 1970's? cotton print and some scraps from garments long past. A bit of red 3/4" grosgrain ribbon ties it all together in a neat little roll that's tall enough for 8" long needles.
All in all, it was a great project and I love these fabrics together, but I could have done a better job on the pocket. When I can get to my fabrics again, I'm going to try this again, but with a little refinement in my technique. As a prototype, it's not bad. I think I have enough of these fabrics to do a matching project bag, but some definite fudging is going to happen to make that work.

I also finished spinning first half of the SoUP batts, but pictures will have to wait.

This week's technique:

  • Ripping a seam. No video today, but here's a picture.
    I don't ever remember being taught how to rip a seam. It seems self-evident. Pick up the stitch with the pokey bit, cut it with the curvy cutty part, repeat ad infinitum. Mom might know whether anyone actually taught me how to rip a seam or if it seemed obvious enough that actual teaching wasn't necessary. I was very young when I started sewing. (Mom, if you're reading, let me know in the comments, willya?)
    Upon reading The Dressmaker's Technique Bible, rather than skimming through the little bit on seam rippers, I actually read it. The author suggests cutting every third stitch on one side of the fabric and zoop! pulling out the thread on the other side.
    This is far more efficient than cutting every single stitch and the zoop! is very satisfying. You can even do this pretty quickly with a good pair of embroidery scissors.
    Learning this was a lot more about letting go of certainty than acquiring skill. Project Make is teaching me not to be so prideful about what I think I know so that growth and progress can take place. Also zoop! is fun to say.
I haven't been working on anything else, aside from a checklist of things to do when I'm feeling off-kilter. It's got crazy things on it like "Drink Water" and "Exercise." Other shenanigans include "Spend Time Outside" and "Fluff the Stash." The list is intended to help me put my own little red wagon back on track by doing things that are healthy and good for me. I'll let you know how that goes. One of the things on the list is "Practice good sleep hygiene," so I'd better hop on off to bed before it gets too late. 
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