Thursday, August 10, 2006

I want you to know that I absolutely *adore* The Harlot. She's not only a yarn geek who has acheived greater yarn geekitude than I can ever imagine, but she also likes scifi. Not only is she a scifi geek, she plays D&D. No joke. The best groovy knitter geek chick ever.
(Steph, if the D&D was a secret, I'm very, very sorry. I'm blogging under the influence. Hardly anybody reads my blog anyhow. No wukkas. I'll knit you a d4 or a d6 to make up for it. Maybe a d20, but that might be a bit ambitious even for me.)

I love you, man! No, I *really* love you, man.

Gods of the blessed mountain, I must be the biggest dork ever. Y'all (by which I mean both of you) love me anyhow, right?
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