Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Okay, so I'm taking a bit of a break from spinning. It is dang, it's Wednesday. That means tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. Very sad. Novocaine and deep cleaning.

So, when you first start doing something you suck at it. I suck at spinning. Well, to be fair, I'm actually getting muuuuch better. My thread is more consistent and I'm able to spin something a bit thinner than what I had been. I think my first couple ounces of wool are at about chunky weight (and very inconsistent) and now I'm going to be closer to worsted or sport. I've plied two spindle's worth and the next two spindles will be much nicer.
When I went to buy wool, I got the cheapest bag for practice and the cheapest spindle for practice. Now I've gone from suck to lovely, I hope. I'm not sure what I'll do with all this home spun what varies in size so much, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

I really like spinning and I'm fascinated with processes that go from raw materials to finished products. How do you get from sheep to clothes? How do you get from flax plant to fabric?
I actually researched flax and it turns out that I had planted some in my garden. It has pretty blue flowers and so I was thinking "Hey, this is a pretty little ornamental and it's called 'flax.' Isn't that funny? I bet it's not really flax, but something that's just called flax."
No, it's really flax.

So, I did some research, grabbed a little less than half of the plants and started the process to turn them into fiber and then fabric. I did that and managed to get enough fiber to knit a wee tiny bit no bigger than my thumb.
I just wanted to see if I could and I did. I took a plant from my garden and made fabric out of it. From raw materials to finished product. I love it.
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