Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So, as you can see there on the right there's been a bit of progress. One thing I haven't listed there yet is the Ninewoods altarcloth. Here's a picture of the top finished and basted:

It's very cool and very random. I like it. There are nine blocks and each block is a nine patch. Within the nine patch are little ninepatches. I used only scraps from my scrap stash and some from Becky's when I got sick of my fabrics.
Anyhow, the only place I'm stuck is how to quilt it. Not a clue. Should I just work around the squares or do something nifty in the bigger squares or... well, I don't know.

Anyhow, I'm actually making progress on the foot sweaters, aka Husband!Socks. My goal is to be done by his birthday and I may yet get there.

Here's the first You-Know-What sock (pictured with mini-sock for scale...or something). At first, I was going to do a dark mark, but it required intarsia. I probably could have worked it out somehow, but I do like the stripeyness of these. At any rate, the swatch for the intarsia made for a cool patch on my jeans jacket.

It occurs to me right very now that I haven't got a picture of it.
I assure you it is very cool.

I'm also making progress on the General Greivous cloak. I got the fabric and now I'm drawing out the quilting lines for the 'armour weave'. The liner fabric for the front is slightly different than the fabric for the back, but it will be symmetrical (and have kind of a cool effect, I think). I haven't drawn out the pattern for the Greivous symbol yet, mostly because I want to get the lining quilted and sewn in first.
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