Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Blog!" she says! I am not your blogging wench! I do not blog for your pleasure and entertainment!
...okay, so I do.
I am totally your blogging wench. You say "blog" I say "how many words?"...or something. Right. How 'bout some content?

I'm working on the Art gloves mostly these days as my bus stop knitting. I took Murfreesboro's Rover yesterday over to campus to get some stuff done. I think I waited something like unto 45 minutes or more. I ended up getting quite a bit of knitting done and walking home so that I didn't have to wait for the bus again. I can walk the same distance in less time than it takes to wait for the bus. While the bus is climate controlled, fairly comfortable, and doesn't require using my legs, it's slow and unreliable. I imagine they're still working out the kinks in the system, but dang.
Anyhow, I did make progress on them and they're looking like they might be gloves when they grow up. I am totally in love with this yarn. Holy crap, the subtle color shifts, the striping, and it's soft! I had to rip the whole thing back because it was too big in the hand and too small in the pinky finger, but this seems to be fitting like a ...nevermind. I'm not going there.
The blue flower is flax. It's one of the few flowers in this world that's honest to goodness blue and not a shade of purple. They're quite lovely and are blooming well this year. I'm tempted to try flax spinning, but there are a couple obstacles. I've been reading about what a chore it is to spin flax, especially as compared to wool. You have to keep the fibers wet. Secondly, where the heck am I going to get flax fiber? I know how to get the fiber from the plant, but I'm not growing near enough in my little container garden to make a garment. Besides, when I do it, I end up with tow rather than the longer, more useful fibers and retting is kind of gross.
I'm working on stash-busting with my fabrics. So far, I've made two rilly sekrit yule presents, and I'm working on some popholders. I've decided on log cabins 'cause I'm hoping to be buying a house soon. The red in the center represents the hearth and what better project to work the mojo for house-getting? Besides, making popholders is good short attention span sewing.
Soon there will be navy sock yarn for Doc's socks and some Knitpicks' superwash for the Worsted-Stocking Knave.
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