Thursday, May 17, 2007

A couple small FO's today. First off, we've got two popholders. To be precise, it's really a couple of commercially bought popholders that have been cleverly covered in order to extend their usage. The original fabric covering the thermal batting was becoming worn, so I put together a couple of covers from scraps. The old popholder is neatly sewn in and it is almost as if I have two new ones.
Next up, a pattern test wristlet. I'm working on what sort of pattern to use for Doc's socks, so I'm knitting some little wristlets for the purpose of testing the pattern in the round. This one is not quite what I'm going for, but close. There are three more candidates so far. These are done in a 5-stitch mock rib in Knitpicks Essential on two size one Knitpics circulars.
It's got a weird ridge on one side because I was attempting to finish with both a picot edge and elastic bind-off. The elastic bind-off is too fat for the picot edge to lay flat, so maybe next time I'll just bind off and have the picot on one side. It's kind of like spikes, though, so I don't entirely dislike it.

I ended up frogging the Teddy Bear hat. It was too big. I've decided to just set the yarn aside for now until I come across the right pattern. I'm not convinced it wants to be a hat. I've also swatched for a sweater for me made from recovered yarn. I liked the color of the old sweater, just not the design - at all. The neck was weird, it was too long, and I couldn't push the sleeves up. I'm thinking cardigan. I have a thing for cardigans. It's slightly over 6 sts/inch in stst, so smallish gauge, but it will be a very nice finished project.
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