Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eggplant, while a lovely color, is not ideal for fingers.
The picture doesn't quite do it justice. It really is eggplant color and rather swollen. I only just managed to get my rings off lest they cut off circulation entirely. I think it's broken.
How, you may ask, did I manage such a rich color on the end of my little left ring finger? I very gracefully smashed it with a hammer in a bizarre sewing accident. I almost threw up and passed out and I'm not certain it would have happened in that order. On a related note, my sewing machine is almost surely dead.
No, I didn't hit it with a hammer, just my finger. I was working on the overskirt pictured here and as soon as I finished, the sewing machine started acting up again. The top thread doesn't loop entirely around and catches something instead of drawing neatly up. Time for a new one.
The observant amongst you will note that this little garment has grommets at the top. Here's a better picture.
One of those, and I forget which, is responsible for the redecorating of my finger, which I'm almost sure is broken. Once I recovered from the initial blinding pain, I finished up the grommets and then the hem. I was going to do just one more thing and that's when the machine decided she was done.
The overskirt fits nicely, though, and I'm pleased with the design. Just don't ask me to duplicate it. I'm not sure I could. It's all upholstery fabric and matches my doublet. The ties are a place holder until I can get something new and all it needs now is an underskirt. That should be fairly easy. I'm thinking something pleated or something with a front panel with lace trim, but definitely long. The overskirt is past floor length and should have a floor length underskirt to go with it.
I've taken a break from spinning wool for a bit and finished up a smallish hank of bamboo. It absolutely shines. So, there it is. I've still got a couple ounces to go of it and I have no idea what it will be when it's all spun up. Lace? Something related to China? No clue. It's superthin, though I've not counted wpi yet. I'm afraid. I'm guessing it's something upwards of 20wpi. Suggestions?
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