Thursday, May 18, 2006

Okay, still no pictures. Man, do I need to get my camera back.
So, I've been a bit distracted by life happening around me. I'm kind of at a zen place with it all now. But, anyhow, on to adventures in string.

(looks at shawl) Yep, I feel like I've got about 20% of the whole thing to go. I'm one pattern repeat past the middle and if I bust arse on it, I could have it done by... July? Maybe? I'm loathe to set an actual finish date because I don't actually know how long it's going to take me. I'm certainly going to be doing the happy dance of joy when I finally do finish. As an additional motivator, the only other thing I'm working on is a pair of socks. When I finish those (and that should be soonish, I'm on sock#2), I've got another pair for someone not me and then it's on to a pair for me or else to finish the Husband!foot-sweaters. We'll see how adventurous I'm feeling. Anyhow, only shawl and sock until shawl is done. When sock is done, sock gets cast on. Then another sock, then another. Such is the way of sock-knitting. After this pair, I'm going to try toe-up ala Wendy Knits.
In the meantime, I plan to re-chart the fair isle for Iree's cardigan. I may even move the needles a size or so up, I don't know.
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