Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Still no pictures. My sister has my camera 'cause I, like the dork I am, forgot to get it back from her after we got back from Eden's birthday party. Lots of birthday pics, and a pic of the current sock-in-progress ala Harlot.
But, there is progress to be had. Check the sidebar.
The bridesmaid's dress is **DONE**
She liked it, it fits, it looks great, and she gave me pennies.
Didja get that last part? She gave me pennies.
Sock #1 of 2 of MladyM's socks is done. 2nd sock is cast on.
The Husband socks are stagnant because I can't get any more of the Essential in black until June. I've finished the 1st sock and I have two skeins for sock #2, but I know that it's going to take more than that. I have a third skein that I was considering for another sock, so I'm thinking I may weigh it and split the skein.
Bored now. I need encouragement. I need to work on MS#2 (aka T.hat D.ang S.hawl). Perhaps with that as the at home project and the MladyM socks as the while I'm out project, I'll get them both done. What I don't need is to start something new and different and shiny.
Time to work on TDS.
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